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Engage more. sell more. know more.

Contactless engagement with your customer, prospects and partners when it matters most

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Create customer acquisition campaigns to capture first party data with no limits

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Create trackable, frictionless scan-to-buy product campaigns

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Create robust contactless supply chain and customer lifecycle solutions

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Create contact and asset management applications driven by Dynamic QR Codes

Who we are

The contactless layer of the economy

Openscreen is the contactless customer engagement & commerce layer for the internet. Openscreen enables the creation of interactive applications that allow enterprises to meet, interact and transact with their customers and resources wherever they are. Transforming physical and manual interactions into the digital processes, Openscreen powers frictionless QR Code based applications to capture customers, build loyalty, streamline operations and directly increase revenue and retention.

What we offer

Key Capabilities

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asset and object management

Store and manage data on objects with associated QR Codes

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Contact & profile management

Capture information on users scanning QR Codes with CRM Integration

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Consent and Privacy Controls

Collect user communications consent information at the point of scan

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Real Time SMS & Email Marketing

Use Openscreen for scan-to-sms and scan-to-email workflows

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Fully Documented API & SDK

Use our REST API, JS and Python SDKs to create custom applications

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Extensive Reporting with Data Export

Generate scan, asset and contact reports or integrate data to 3rd party systems